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17th February 2018

Four years of blood sweat and tears but there can only be one winner

With the 2018 Winter Olympics in full swing we may have joined in the celebrations and the joy and ecstasy of those who have won and empathized and commiserated with those who have lost. There however can only be one gold medal.

The ice, the snow is brutal, one slight slip, one mistimed jump one foot out of place and four years of blood, sweat and toil ends in disappointment and a painful, tearful end. But for some the joy of the Gold medal makes up for all the hard work and effort.

We are all on a journey, not many of us are striving for the Gold, but what are we aiming for? What are we wanting from our lives. What are we putting our time energy and effort into?

The Bible makes it clear that we end up as either Winners or Losers? Those who trust in God’s Salvation plan, made possible through the giving of His Son the Lord Jesus will “Win” will receive Eternal Life. Those who reject God’s Way – think that doing the best they can is good enough will loose. We have all slipped… put a foot out of place, landed awkwardly – the Bible calls it Sin and as a result we can no longer Win.

By asking for our sins to be forgiven – trusting that Jesus died on the cross of Calvary as a sacrifice for our sins, enables us to obtain the Gold Medal. To be received into God’s family and have Eternal Life.

Joy or pain? The winter Olympics will soon be over for another four years…. Winners or Losers?

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