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9th May 2020

VE Celebrations – 75 years on… The enemy is defeated!

The 8th May marked the 75th Anniversary of the end of European fighting against Nazi Germany, a significant day in history when the enemy was defeated. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill “My dear friends, this is your hour.”

As we remember the remaining Veterans still alive today; many have helped us appreciate the excitement of that day when the enemy was finally defeated with an “unconditional surrender.” No doubt we have reminisced and listened to “war time” stories repeated and re-told with fondness but also sorrow, thinking of so many lives impacted.

As we remember the many who lost their lives to secure our freedom, it reminds us that our deliverance was dependent on their selfless acts of courage. As we have been encouraged to say “thank you” and remember in silence as a sign of respect, it really doesn’t seem enough as we consider the dark days of War World II.

The Bible also reminds us of a defeated enemy that we should be celebrating victory over. Nearly 2,000 years ago; God sent his Son the Lord Jesus into the world to rescue this fallen human race from an enemy. Not a dictator like Hitler, but from what the Bible describes as an old foe called Satan or the Devil.

The Bible explains that through this enemy, sin, (which is disobedience to God) came into this world. Genesis ch 3 tells us how that Satan convinced Adam and Eve to disobey God, the impact was devastating. Just like World War II was devastating to many at the time, and the fallout born by many generations, the disobedience at the beginning of time was even worse and has impacted every single generation born into this world since. The Bible states “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

It needed a selfless act of love. It needed someone willing to lay down their life to enable a great victory to take place. The Bible tells us that through the dark hours on a cross, outside Jerusalem, God punished His own Son Jesus to pay the price for the consequence of sin. The Lord Jesus that day wrought a GREAT VICTORY. He could shout out in triumph “IT IS FINISHED.” He had paid the price for sin that you and I could never pay. The Bible tells us that he rose from the dead victorious, three days later.

What are we relying on to get right with God? Do we even think we need to? Eternity faces each of us and the destination is either Heaven or Hell. As we can think of those who gave their lives, this act on its own whilst admirable is not enough to get a person into Heaven. The Bible says that we can only get right with God through repenting and asking for our sins to be forgiven.

I wonder therefore if we have taken time recently to give thanks for those who laid down their lives in World WAR II? I think that we would both agree that we should. However it is concerning that many are not willing to acknowledge the GREATEST VICTORY ever, when Jesus defeated the enemy Satan by laying down his life as a sacrifice for sin.

If you knew what it was to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour, then this would be a day of great celebration for you too.

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