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17th February 2018

Pilgrim Pete writes… “The Minstrel”

Reflections on a Laodicean Christmas – Revelation ch 3 v 20

Through the snow-bound village street a minstrel came, a shining harp half-hid beneath a shepherd’s cloak; a shepherd’s staff he held. His feet trod firm through snow-clad gates across the sleeping field.
Unerring step, one thought in mind one single aim pursued.
A rising moon among the trees marked a frozen path towards the church; for those within he’d given all His heart.

His footsteps steady, he approached the lighted windows, buttressed walls; the worldly music, bells and shouts concealed his coming.
He knocked, took down his harp, his lifting voice rose in a song, the sweetest ever heard.

He knocked again. No footsteps came.

His song ascending to the stars awakened angels chanting Heaven’s praise!
His song had opened Heaven’s door – what joy was glimpsed within!
The minstrel knocked once more. His upraised voice and tones so sweet – each heart must surely run to meet – and cry “Come-in!”

The best of songs must cease, the vision fades. The minstrel knocks one final time and waits in silence. Heaven holds its breath. The minstrel covers up his harp and slowly walks away.

Pilgrim Pete

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