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7th February 2017

Pilgrim Pete writes – Calling Kids! Have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever wondered why?

Why is it that Planet Earth is so beautiful?

Everything about it is perfect – there is nothing like it in all of the Universe of Space but why is this?

The Sun is a small star – not very special as stars go… But our Sun does have a family of 8 planets. Seven of them very strange indeed.

Mercury is the closest to the Sun – this planet always reminds me of a bar-b-que! It flies roasting around the Sun every 88 days! A place where there is no water no air Not a happy place to be but why is EARTH so different?

“God who made the Earth,
The air, the sky the sea,
Who gave the Light its birth –
He cares for me!

Pilgrim Pete will be back…..

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