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Pilgrim Pete “Pierced, Buried & Raised Again!”

A friend told me a story of the time when his father worked in Lebanon. It may have been his sister’s birthday, for there arrived through the post a box. Inside carefully wrapped a most beautiful necklace made of varnished beads of all shapes, each one pierced through and threaded onto a fine cord. Bought from an Arab market.

On closer inspection however they were found not to be beads, but seeds from a variety of unknown plants – maybe trees or shrubs never seen in our own climate. What a treasure! as the years passed however the necklace became hidden away and forgotten.

All Barry could tell me was that at one turning out session the “beads” were rediscovered, free of their broken cord, rolling around in an upstairs drawer. Having no further use for a handful of dusty, dry seeds but reluctant to throw them away, his mother scattered them at the bottom of the garden and thought no more about them.

Imagine the family’s surprise some time later to find that corner of the garden a mass of tender green shoots, later developing into exotic flowers and blossoms!

I have never forgotten that wonderful tale, told me so many years ago at work. It always reminds me so clearly of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Himself sold, pierced, buried and forgotten. Only to be raised in glorious triumph to lead His believing Church, by way of repentance and faith, through a life of trail and hope to our heavenly home above.

We are a group of Christians from all walks of life who have one great thing in common; We have come to realise that Jesus Christ lives and that He can give us real peace with God, through faith in Him.

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