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Pilgrim Pete – Dinosaur Sandwich Anyone?

Two of them, each the size of a London Bus, locked in roaring battle, one with it’s jaws sunk in the other’s spine. No time to guess the winner. Sudden instant freeze frame – bang! They’re fossils. WOW….

Mrs Icthyosaurus decides the moment had come to give birth. Nearly there – when – Bam! Freeze frame again, and there they are for ever, mother and baby-fossils.

Large fish off the north of Scotland, decides which smaller fish to swallow for breakfast. It’s a tight fit, folks-nearly there – Suddenly – POW! Freeze frame again, a half finished meal, dinner and dish fossilized forever.

“OK fine… I get the idea. Sudden interruption of normal earth life by some remote world – wide cataclysm. A strong point. But why then does the media constantly tell us that fossils are the result of dead things quietly fading away and getting covered with two millimeters of sediment every year. Surely these scientists know!”

Ian Campbell gave three wonderful hour long powerpoint presentations at the Gospel Hall several years ago was waiting for a classroom to become free when he heard a young lady teacher with a group of juniors around her. “Now this,” she said “is how fossils are made. When a fish dies it sinks to the bottom and very slowly the sediment builds up over it. One day many hundreds of years later – there’s a fossil. What about that?”

One little girl at the back spoke up. “please miss, my goldfish died last week – and he floated to the top!” It’s what fishes do.

Whether it produced a dinosaur sandwich or the thirty six inch diameter tusks of a trumpeting mammoth instantly arrested in the prime of life while grazing in some green pre-glacial valley, some instant cataclysmic deluge called a sudden halt to life on earth, swirled myriads of tonnes of readymix sediment to every corner of the globe, leaving a decisive, frightening silence. Purbeck marble, anyone?

Fossils are only part of the story. There is the human knee, a unique piece of engineering which could never in billions of years have evolved from that of an ape. And the jellyfish, who could never mutate into anything else because its DNA keeps sending it around in circles. (mutations always lose information)

We came home form the third night of Mr Campbell’s presentations thinking that some of these anti-God, millions of years theories sound somewhat old hat.

Dr. Kent Hovind is offering $250,000 to anyone who can give scientific proof for evolution.

Any offers?

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