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Pilgrim Pete – A Unique Bookmark

It floated out at my feet as I opened the book…. what a lovely idea for a bookmark! I turned the kestrel’s feather in my hands. A feather is a miracle! Whales don’t have feathers, animals don’t have feathers!

Feathers provide buoyancy, insulation, weather protection and are in an aero-dynamic form. They provide wing and tail area without extra weight. The right feathers grow on the right bird in the right place – even to consideration of colour. And most miraculous of all – they grow from the skin of the bird without the slightest discomfort.

Feathers for flying vary in size from less than an inch to more than a foot in length. They vary in colour – no bird ever grows someone else’s feathers.

Did you know that every feather ever made was made by God. God knows every bird that flies, every bird that falls, he knows them, but they don’t know Him.

The bird who lost the feather I found never knew anything about me, but I know quite a lot about him. That’s because people are made by God, made to be like Him. The trouble is, people have a problem. We are disobedient to God. If we do nothing about this then in a coming day God will say “I never knew you”

We know about wrong from a very early age. In order to put this right you need to believe FIVE things.

FIRST – That your smallest sin has separated you from God
SECOND – There is no “good-work” you can do to put this right
THIRD – That God Himself has provided a remedy to put this right
FOURTH – That YOU must take up this remedy for YOURSELF
FIFTH – You must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ – asking forgiveness from the wrong you have done and you will be SAVED.

As I put the Kestrel’s feather back in-between the pages and return the book to the shelf. I wonder if perhaps someone else will find the feather and share it’s wonders.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
Romans 10:13 (The Bible)

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