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2nd December 2017

The Perfect Gift – this Christmas

As we enter December perhaps you are already wondering what will be the Perfect Gift for a Family member or even a Friend.

We are presented with so many options of things we are told we need or should have and yet the reality is we don’t need that much to live on from day to day.

We also live in a world where we like to receive things instantly, we seem to have forgotten how to wait for things, so even if we find the “perfect gift” the person may already have it.

The Bible however does tell us of the “Perfect Gift” that we can all have and we don’t need to wait till Christmas to have it. The Gift is Eternal Life, made available through the birth and death of the Lord Jesus.

As we think about the Perfect Gift think of the following:

GGiven (the Gift of eternal life has been given, all gift are given)
IIndividual (the gift is for you as an individual – we individually need God’s salvation)
FFree (a gift is free, you wont be given a gift this Christmas with the receipt and told to pay for your gift before you can have it. That is the same with God’s Gift)
TTake it (the perfect gift becomes yours when you take it. Will you be leaving your gifts this Christmas around the Christmas tree?)

For the wages (result) of our sin is death (eternal separation from God) but the Gift (perfect free gift) of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord)

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