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6th January 2019

Activities for January 2019

2nd January – Teaching meeting 8pm Matthew Hall is the speaker

6th January – Gospel Meeting – 6.30pm Nigel Thomas from Hurst will be the speaker explaining the Good News of the Gospel for you

9th January – Bible Reading – 8.00pm we are studying 1 Timothy ch 4

11th January – Children’s Hour recommences – 6.30pm It Fun it Free it for you… Calling all Children from 4+

13th January – Gospel Meeting – 4.30pm Matthew Hall will be the speaker explaining the Good News of the Gospel for you – this meeting is followed by a bite to eat if you are able to stay

16th January – Bible Reading – 8.00pm we are studying 1 Timothy ch 4

18th January – Children’s Hour – 6.30pm It Fun it Free it for you… Calling all Children from 4+

20th January – Gospel Meeting – 6.30pm speaker to be confirmed 

23rd January – Teaching meeting 8pm John Knight is the speaker

25th January – Children’s Hour – 6.30pm It Fun it Free it for you… Calling all Children from 4+

27th January – Gospel Meeting – 6.30pm speaker to be confirmed

30th January – Teaching meeting 8pm Ken Buckeridge is the speaker

20th January – Gospel Meeting – 6.30pm speaker to be confirmed

2nd December 2018

Activities for December – including our Christmas services

2nd December – 6.30pm Gospel Meeting the speaker expected is Samuel Beckett from Pamber Heath

5th December – 8.00pm Bible Reading we are continuing our studies in 1 Timothy ch 3

7th December – 6.30pm – 7.30pm Children’s Hour – Calling all Children from 4+ for an hour of fun – Bible stories – Singing – Quizzes and Craft (please note the Children are currently preparing for a Christmas production)

9th December – 4.30pm Christmas Service – this will be followed by tea at approx. 5.15pm the speaker expected is Jonathan Black from Bicester

12th December – 8.00pm Bible Reading we are continuing our studies in 1 Timothy ch 4

14th December – 6.30pm – 7.30pm Children’s Hour – Calling all Children from 4+ for an hour of fun – Bible stories – Singing – Quizzes and Craft (please note the Children are currently preparing for a Christmas production)

15th December – 4.30pm there will be a baptismal service for Ethan Batchelor

16th December – 4.30pm CHRISTMAS SERVICE – this will be followed by festive refreshments

19th December – 8.00pm Teaching meeting – we are expecting Pete Marks to teach God’s word

21st December – No childrens hour due to Childrens Production at St Augustine Residential Home

23rd December – 4.30pm CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE – this will be followed by festive refreshments

26th December – No meeting

30th December – 4.30pm Gospel meeting


Please note that the Believers of the assembly meet to remember the Lord Jesus in the breaking of bread service every Sunday at 10am (please get in touch if you would like to come and observe this meeting)

30th October 2018

Hey my name is Pumpkin Patch


My Name is Pumpkin Patch and I want to share my message of light with you around the darkest day of the year.

Whilst people get excited about trick or treating and witches and wizards and darkness I am the opposite – I want to be bright and bring light and will do so by sharing with you a few things about my favourite film “Tangled”

In one of my favourite scenes in “Tangled” I love the part when Tangled understands the message of the light she can see in the distance. It is heart warming to think of the love shown by her Father and Mother not to forget her but to keep lighting lanterns year after year.

The Bible tells us that we are walking in darkness without the Lord Jesus in our lives, however the Father loves us and sent the light so we could not only see God’s love to us but to shine the way to live for him and be in heaven in a coming day.

In the song in my favourite scene Tangled signs “Suddenly I see…” Have you ever played hide and seek in the dark – or closed your eyes and walked around the house pretending you can’t see. As soon as you open your eyes you think – now I can see..

This reminds me of an amazing miracle that the Lord Jesus did in John ch9 (in the Bible) when a blind man was brought to him. He made clay and anointed the eyes of the blind man – told him to wash the clay off and he was miraculously healed. As Jesus could give sight to the blind man – he too wants to give us light!

As Tangled sings “at last I see the light – it seems the fog has lifted” is so magical and enchanting – we feel the emotion of the situation – but what about us in our daily lives?

Has the fog lifted – do we understand that God has created us and wants us to trust in His Son the Lord Jesus as the Saviour of the World. The wrong things we do mean we are spiritually blind to God – but Jesus paid the price of our wrong on the cross of Calvary and therefore by trusting in him as our Saviour we can have our eyes opened spiritually.

Get in touch if you want to know more.

20th May 2018

A Royal Invitation

An invitation like none other?

Yes that’s right, you and I have been invited to not the Royal Wedding but to God’s eternal home in heaven.

Jesus said “come unto me and I will give you rest”

Are we willing to accept God’s invitation to come His way or will we continue to make excuses like in the parable in Luke ch 14 vs 16 – 24 (The Bible)

The invitation from God requires a response.

Do we realise that Jesus (God’s eternal Son) died on a cross making it possible for the wrong things we have committed in our lives to be forgiven?

A great display of love between the Royal Couple as they exchanged vow’s but God’s love to us knows no bounds, it is not based on a reciprocal love. God loves us despite of us.

We would respond promptly to a Royal Invitation – how about your response to God’s invitation

31st March 2018

This is no April Fool…. Christ ROSE from the DEAD – Happy Easter

1 Corinthians ch 15 v 20 from the Bible states “But now is Christ risen from the dead” It is with certainty that Paul writes this statement to the Corinthians.

It seemed like an April Fool’s joke to John and Peter (the disciples of the Lord Jesus) on the first Easter Sunday when Mary told them that Jesus had risen from the dead.

What about to us? Are we going to respond on believe or disbelief? When the disciples told Thomas (one of the disciples) that they had seen the Lord Jesus he said “unless I see I will not believe?”

The Gospel of the Grace and Mercy of God has reached us today on the 1st April 2018. It calls us to believe with faith that Jesus died on a cross at Calvary on our behalf, was buried and rose again (1 Corinthians ch 15 vs 3&4) It is only by believing that we can have God’s salvation. We can’t go to the cross today or even the tomb. We have the record of this event in the Bible. God’s Holy word but are we going to believe it.

This Easter time don’t think this is some story for the children. The consequence of our sin (disobedience and wrong actions before God and one another) separates us from Him. The only way we can be forgiven is to acknowledge that Jesus, God’s son being perfect was able to be offered as a sacrifice on our behalf before God. He came to die, to be buried but to rise again so that he might give us eternal life.

The Bible makes this very clear to us, but this Easter Sunday are you still saying this is an April’s Fool and not to be believed.

17th February 2018

Four years of blood sweat and tears but there can only be one winner

With the 2018 Winter Olympics in full swing we may have joined in the celebrations and the joy and ecstasy of those who have won and empathized and commiserated with those who have lost. There however can only be one gold medal.

The ice, the snow is brutal, one slight slip, one mistimed jump one foot out of place and four years of blood, sweat and toil ends in disappointment and a painful, tearful end. But for some the joy of the Gold medal makes up for all the hard work and effort.

We are all on a journey, not many of us are striving for the Gold, but what are we aiming for? What are we wanting from our lives. What are we putting our time energy and effort into?

The Bible makes it clear that we end up as either Winners or Losers? Those who trust in God’s Salvation plan, made possible through the giving of His Son the Lord Jesus will “Win” will receive Eternal Life. Those who reject God’s Way – think that doing the best they can is good enough will loose. We have all slipped… put a foot out of place, landed awkwardly – the Bible calls it Sin and as a result we can no longer Win.

By asking for our sins to be forgiven – trusting that Jesus died on the cross of Calvary as a sacrifice for our sins, enables us to obtain the Gold Medal. To be received into God’s family and have Eternal Life.

Joy or pain? The winter Olympics will soon be over for another four years…. Winners or Losers?

17th February 2018

Pilgrim Pete writes… “The Minstrel”

Reflections on a Laodicean Christmas – Revelation ch 3 v 20

Through the snow-bound village street a minstrel came, a shining harp half-hid beneath a shepherd’s cloak; a shepherd’s staff he held. His feet trod firm through snow-clad gates across the sleeping field.
Unerring step, one thought in mind one single aim pursued.
A rising moon among the trees marked a frozen path towards the church; for those within he’d given all His heart.

His footsteps steady, he approached the lighted windows, buttressed walls; the worldly music, bells and shouts concealed his coming.
He knocked, took down his harp, his lifting voice rose in a song, the sweetest ever heard.

He knocked again. No footsteps came.

His song ascending to the stars awakened angels chanting Heaven’s praise!
His song had opened Heaven’s door – what joy was glimpsed within!
The minstrel knocked once more. His upraised voice and tones so sweet – each heart must surely run to meet – and cry “Come-in!”

The best of songs must cease, the vision fades. The minstrel knocks one final time and waits in silence. Heaven holds its breath. The minstrel covers up his harp and slowly walks away.

Pilgrim Pete

4th January 2018

New Year’s Resolutions’ How Long will they last?

I wonder if you made any New Year’s Resolutions? Have you managed to keep them nearly one week into the New Year.

Some look forward to a New Year and the fact that it can bring New Opportunities.

Perhaps we are glad to see the back of 2017, or equally we can look back on fond times enjoyed with friends and family.

Many like to make New Year Resolutions, perhaps to get fit, to give up smoking, to get more sleep? Perhaps to “find God”

The reality is, that we struggle to keep resolutions on our own, we need the support of others around us. Perhaps to motivate us, to encourage us or to hold us accountable.

God want’s each of us to start afresh with Him. The relationship that man once enjoyed with God was severed in the Garden of Eden, (Genesis ch 3) when man disobeyed God. However that relationship can be restored because God sent his Son the Lord Jesus into this world to die as a sacrifice for the wrong things we have done. (sin) As a result of Jesus dying on the cross at Calvary, we can start afresh. Is that our desire in 2018 to want to live for our creator God. There can be no greater desire for us as we enter into a New Year.

2nd December 2017

The Perfect Gift – this Christmas

As we enter December perhaps you are already wondering what will be the Perfect Gift for a Family member or even a Friend.

We are presented with so many options of things we are told we need or should have and yet the reality is we don’t need that much to live on from day to day.

We also live in a world where we like to receive things instantly, we seem to have forgotten how to wait for things, so even if we find the “perfect gift” the person may already have it.

The Bible however does tell us of the “Perfect Gift” that we can all have and we don’t need to wait till Christmas to have it. The Gift is Eternal Life, made available through the birth and death of the Lord Jesus.

As we think about the Perfect Gift think of the following:

GGiven (the Gift of eternal life has been given, all gift are given)
IIndividual (the gift is for you as an individual – we individually need God’s salvation)
FFree (a gift is free, you wont be given a gift this Christmas with the receipt and told to pay for your gift before you can have it. That is the same with God’s Gift)
TTake it (the perfect gift becomes yours when you take it. Will you be leaving your gifts this Christmas around the Christmas tree?)

For the wages (result) of our sin is death (eternal separation from God) but the Gift (perfect free gift) of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord)

4th November 2017

Pilgrim Pete writes – Dinosaur Sandwich Anyone?

Two of them, each the size of a London Bus, locked in roaring battle, one with it’s jaws sunk in the other’s spine. No time to guess the winner. Sudden instant freeze frame – bang! They’re fossils. WOW….

Mrs Icthyosaurus decides the moment had come to give birth. Nearly there – when – Bam! Freeze frame again, and there they are for ever, mother and baby-fossils.

Large fish off the north of Scotland, decides which smaller fish to swallow for breakfast. It’s a tight fit, folks-nearly there – Suddenly – POW! Freeze frame again, a half finished meal, dinner and dish fossilized forever.

“OK fine… I get the idea. Sudden interruption of normal earth life by some remote world – wide cataclysm. A strong point. But why then does the media constantly tell us that fossils are the result of dead things quietly fading away and getting covered with two millimeters of sediment every year. Surely these scientists know!”

Ian Campbell gave three wonderful hour long powerpoint presentations at the Gospel Hall several years ago was waiting for a classroom to become free when he heard a young lady teacher with a group of juniors around her. “Now this,” she said “is how fossils are made. When a fish dies it sinks to the bottom and very slowly the sediment builds up over it. One day many hundreds of years later – there’s a fossil. What about that?”

One little girl at the back spoke up. “please miss, my goldfish died last week – and he floated to the top!” It’s what fishes do.

Whether it produced a dinosaur sandwich or the thirty six inch diameter tusks of a trumpeting mammoth instantly arrested in the prime of life while grazing in some green pre-glacial valley, some instant cataclysmic deluge called a sudden halt to life on earth, swirled myriads of tonnes of readymix sediment to every corner of the globe, leaving a decisive, frightening silence. Purbeck marble, anyone?

Fossils are only part of the story. There is the human knee, a unique piece of engineering which could never in billions of years have evolved from that of an ape. And the jellyfish, who could never mutate into anything else because its DNA keeps sending it around in circles. (mutations always lose information)

We came home form the third night of Mr Campbell’s presentations thinking that some of these anti-God, millions of years theories sound somewhat old hat.

Dr. Kent Hovind is offering $250,000 to anyone who can give scientific proof for evolution.

Any offers?

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