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2nd June 2019

It’s just not Cricket….

With the Cricket world cup now commenced, England as the host nation are strong favourites to lift the trophy. Its a far cry from the shambles of their exit at the last world cup. Lessons have been learnt and appropriate action taken.

The phrase it’s just not cricket is an expression used when something is not fair. When something has happened that shouldn’t have happened. Sometimes our circumstances in life mean we think its not fair. We might even question the creator God and wonder why me and why has He allowed this to happen!

We need to remember that God is a Holy God, just and fair. Some might think that they deserve to be with God in heaven due to how they have lived their life. When the Bible says that works can not save us we might say that it’s just not Cricket. Especially if we have lived good lives. God wants us to demonstrate trust in His word the Bible and the fact that His Son the Lord Jesus died on a cross at Calvary, paying the price for the sins (the wrong things) we have done.

Have you ever thanked the Lord Jesus for doing this? Have you ever asked for your sins to be forgiven? It’s just not Cricket that God has provided the only way to heaven and many choose to think they can still get there, their own way. Please learn the lessons of past mistakes and come God’s way whilst we still have an opportunity to do so.

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