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30th October 2018

Hey my name is Pumpkin Patch


My Name is Pumpkin Patch and I want to share my message of light with you around the darkest day of the year.

Whilst people get excited about trick or treating and witches and wizards and darkness I am the opposite – I want to be bright and bring light and will do so by sharing with you a few things about my favourite film “Tangled”

In one of my favourite scenes in “Tangled” I love the part when Tangled understands the message of the light she can see in the distance. It is heart warming to think of the love shown by her Father and Mother not to forget her but to keep lighting lanterns year after year.

The Bible tells us that we are walking in darkness without the Lord Jesus in our lives, however the Father loves us and sent the light so we could not only see God’s love to us but to shine the way to live for him and be in heaven in a coming day.

In the song in my favourite scene Tangled signs “Suddenly I see…” Have you ever played hide and seek in the dark – or closed your eyes and walked around the house pretending you can’t see. As soon as you open your eyes you think – now I can see..

This reminds me of an amazing miracle that the Lord Jesus did in John ch9 (in the Bible) when a blind man was brought to him. He made clay and anointed the eyes of the blind man – told him to wash the clay off and he was miraculously healed. As Jesus could give sight to the blind man – he too wants to give us light!

As Tangled sings “at last I see the light – it seems the fog has lifted” is so magical and enchanting – we feel the emotion of the situation – but what about us in our daily lives?

Has the fog lifted – do we understand that God has created us and wants us to trust in His Son the Lord Jesus as the Saviour of the World. The wrong things we do mean we are spiritually blind to God – but Jesus paid the price of our wrong on the cross of Calvary and therefore by trusting in him as our Saviour we can have our eyes opened spiritually.

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