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5th April 2020

God or Government Rescue Plan – how will it be paid?

As the Corona Virus pandemic continues with no seeming end; I wonder if we are interested in the implications of the Government’s promised financial rescue plan.

Many are impacted and concerned from a financial perspective, so the recently promised £330bn for businesses and £500m for families will come as some form of reassurance to those now out of work and unable to pay for essentials.

This will however have to be paid for somehow; we are all taught from a young age that money does not grow on trees and so this rescue plan will need to be paid for at some point.

The reality will be, that future generations are likely to have to pay the price for this crises, through taxation, reduction in investment in key services and other tough decisions to overcome the huge financial impact of trying to overcome this crises.

The Bible reminds us of the crises that mankind has been in since the day Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s commandments and sin came into this world.

Just like the Corona Virus is separating us from loved ones, sin has separated us from God and the relationship he wants us to have with Him. No amount of money can deal with this crisis. In fact we need to understand that we are bankrupt before God. We have nothing to offer to help be rescued from this situation.

The GREAT and GOOD news of the Bible is that despite our current condition and position before God, he has paid for the rescue plan to be delivered and it is already available for us to accept TODAY.

Sin (the crisis) had a price, and the the price has been paid through the death of God’s Son the Lord Jesus. He willingly came into this world to sacrifice His life at the cross of Calvary, so you and I can have God’s Salvation. God’s gift (His salvation) is eternal life – that is to be in heaven forever and know the forgiveness of sins and the relationship with God restored.

How good to know, that even in these difficult days, with the uncertainty of the future of this earth we can know the certainty of our eternal future.

The Government’s rescue plan will need to be paid for in the future, God’s rescue plan has already been paid. Are you trusting in God today?

1 Peter ch 1 v 18 & 19 “Knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold…. but with the precious blood of Christ”

As we come to terms with the impact of the Corona Virus let us also consider the impact of our wrong (sin) before God and that we need to be rescued from both.

We trust you remain safe during these unprecedented times, feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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