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30th December 2019

Does a New Year bring hope?

As we embark on a New Year, we typically start with hope and anticipation of different goals and plans we are wanting to achieve.

Equally as we come to the close of another year; I wonder as we look back on the year just passed, whether we do so with regret.

Did I get to the gym as much as I had hoped, (or needed to!) did I get on that holiday I had dreamed of, did my stocks and share make the return I had anticipated, did I get the grades I wanted, did I get that pay rise I was promised and hoped for, did I purchase the car I wanted.

No doubt there are many things we wish to achieve in this life but how many of them relate to our creator God – the God of the Universe?

We have regret when we miss out, or things don’t happen as we expect them to. I can certainly look back on 2019 with regret from a personal perspective and can look forward to a New Year with hope.

When we look into the Bible we will also find characters who would regret their decisions, choices, words spoken, actions taken etc. Whether it is Adam and Eve at the beginning of time disobeying God and taking of the fruit they were forbidden not to take of, or Jonah trying to run away from God and needing to spend time in the belly of a whale. To Peter denying the Lord Jesus or Judas betraying the Lord Jesus. These characters given a 2nd opportunity would no doubt have made a different choice.

Sometimes we wish we could take back a word an action a thought but more often than not it is too late. If only… we might ponder!

God makes it very clear in His word the Bible that “Today is a day of Salvation” (2 Corinthians ch6 v 2) To be Saved is to know the forgiveness of sins (wrong things against God) by trusting in the Lord Jesus as our Saviour. Repenting of our wrong doing before God, acknowledging that Jesus died on the cross of Calvary paying the price that our sins demanded. The Bible makes it clear that if we reject God’s offer or forgiveness we will face his judgement in a coming day.

When I trusted the Lord Jesus as my Saviour I had no regrets. He has never let me down; He has never been disloyal to me or said unkind things. He hasn’t criticised me behind my back or gone back on a promise.

He gives me a great hope for 2020 that He could be returning to take me to be with Him forever. A Christian has a great hope ahead of them. As we look forward to a New Year. Make it a completely New Year with a New Hope and a New Perspective. A year where we recognise our creator God and have faith and belief in God’s Son the Lord Jesus Christ. You will never regret it.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and though shalt be saved” Acts ch 16 v 31

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